Wardrobe Planning 101: Spring


ClosetTwice a year, usually spring & fall, I like to plan and organize my wardrobe to make the most of what I’ve got and what I’m going to get. Here’s how it goes:

  • I create an inspiration board. It’s made up of photos, magazine articles, key words, color swatches- anything that I’ve collected that is going to inspire my new season’s style.
  • Then I like to make a Style List- literally a list of what my style is going to be. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s a great reference for shopping.
  • Once I know what my “looks” are going to be for the season, I can assess what I’ve got in my closet. How are my wardrobe “staples” holding up at this point, is there damage that will I need to replace or repair, or do they need to be replaced with an updated version? Anything that can transition into spring, such as blouses, lightweight pants, cotton sweaters, etc., need to be assessed for damage too. I toss anything that is worn beyond repair. That can be difficult if I am emotionally attached to something, but I can’t look good if I am wearing a sweater with a big pull on the arm, no matter how well it fits. Anything out of season that’s in good shape, I pack it away. When I pull it out for the next season it will seem new again. But I take it out of the rotation now because I only want items in my view that are good choices for now. I jot down the items that are missing from my closet from my “Style List”. That’s my shopping list. I carry that with me so you can reference it.
  • Next step- shopping!! The nice thing about doing this assessment every season is that now my closet is full of staples and wearable items and shopping is a way to add a few new on-trend items every few months. When I shop, I always keep in mind my “Style List” and try my best to stick to it. I try to be sure if I’m going to buy something I REALLY love it. If I’m not sure, there are two options. I will walk away, and if I keep thinking about it days later, I go back to get it. Or I check the store’s return policy. Many places let you return an item if the tags are on and it hasn’t been worn. Often I will purchase an item, bring it home and try it on with things I already have in my closet. If I don’t like it I bring it back. Learn to hem a pair of pants but still find a good tailor! Rarely do I purchase a pair of jeans that are the correct length so it’s great that I can hem my own pants. But for more extensive tailoring like a jacket or dress I have a great one who knows my body. That extra nip/tuck makes all the difference.

Maintenance is the key. I run through this at least twice a year.

Let me know how your spring wardrobe planning goes! Comment below or send me an email with what works for you!