Vintage: YES you can pull it off!


  img_8423 “I don’t want to wear clothes that were worn by other people.” “I can’t pull off a vintage look.” “Why would I wear a vintage pieces when I can get the same look with something from the mall.” 

I’ve heard it all from clients and friends and I want to debunk any preconceived notions about buying and wearing vintage. On today’s Bridge Street I talked vintage shopping with co-hosts Sistina Giordano and Tenesha Murphy and how to mix vintage pieces into your existing wardrobe. I hear often from clients and friends that they are worried they will will come off too “costumey” so I wanted to show you how to do it so you look and feel great about it. There are many “retro” and “vintage-look” pieces but I prefer the real deal.


What is “vintage”? Vintage items are originals from the past, from a specific time period. The term “vintage” denotes that the piece is special, and not just any piece you may find at a thrift store.

Where can you find vintage? A curated boutique (like Vintage Love), thrift shops, estate sales, and online sites (like

Why buy vintage? QUALITY - more details, more handwork, better quality stitching and materials UNIQUENESS - you’re outfit will be special and you won’t see yourself coming and going ECO-FRIENDLY - you are reusing something instead of putting it in a landfill BARGAINS - this isn’t always the case but often you can find some great deals


What is the benefit of going to a vintage boutique instead of finding pieces on your own?  Shauna, the owner of Maeflowers Vintage, a boutique located on Warren Street in Downtown Syracuse, has done all the research and legwork for her customer. It takes her many hours and connections to find pieces such as the ones I showed on today’s show. Shauna has them cleaned and pressed, she sizes them, and she presents them in her beautifully curated shop so you feel good when you go there. You can see them in person vs. purchases online where you have to trust the seller. Every piece has a history and often Shauna has heard the unique story from the original owner.  For me my number one reason is time: I used to love to shop thrift stores but with two kids and a business I don't have the time.

Here is a great article by Shauna on how to pull off vintage fashion on  Find some more tips on how to buy vintage from

img_8420Thanks to Maeflowers Vintage at Vintage Love Boutique for all the great styles featured on today’s show. Stop in today and have Shauna style you in a cool vintage look. Missed the segment? Click here to watch the show and then shop the styles featured. Do you love vintage? What is your all time favorite piece that you own? Want to try vintage but somethings is holding you back? I want to hear from you. Let’s shop together at Maeflowers Vintage. Email me at and let’s talk more about it or book your appointment online here.

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