The Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Attire


IMG_3293It’s getting into wedding season! No doubt you’ll be receiving your invitations to spring and summer weddings, but knowing how to dress for all the different styles of events can be tricky. Even if the hosts mention the appropriate dress code in the invitation, many people aren’t sure how to interpret that. Today on Bridge Street on Channel 9 WSYR, Sistina Giordano and I broke it down for you so choosing your outfit can be fun and easy. This is a fun topic and we ran out of time during the show, so here's everything we talked about PLUS MUCH MORE so you can be prepared and chic for any time of wedding:

  • Consider the time of day of the event. A daytime wedding is usually more casual than an evening event.
  • Consider the venue- or call them to ask about the event.
  • When in doubt ask the wedding party. They know what they are wearing months before and can give you some insight into the dressiness of the event.
  • Follow the Golden Rule: don’t wear white, if for no other reason than you don’t want to offend the bride.

All Photos - 1 of 3Deciphering Dress Code Designations:

White Tie- The Most Formal

Men- tux with tails

Women- gown or cocktail dress in neutral color

Black Tie- more common, also formal, usually an evening affair

Men- tuxedo

Women-gown or cocktail dress. Colors & prints can be bolder.

Formal or Black Tie Optional- speaks for itself

Men- tux or dark suit

Women- long dress or cocktail dress. More options available here.

Beach Formal-usual outdoor but dressy

Men- Linen or light colored suit, pants or khakis

Women- dressy sundress

Semi Formal or Dressy Casual- somewhere between formal and casual

Men- Suit or shirt and tie with dress pants or khakis

Women- Evening: cocktail dress or tea length dress in dark colors  Daytime: sundress or similar

Informal or Casual- Anything goes but that can make things tricky too because so many options

Casual doesn’t mean sloppy. ABSOLUTELY NO jeans, shorts, tank tops or sneakers.

When in doubt I’d rather be too dressy than too casual.

All Photos - 3 of 3Thanks to Lord and Taylor at Destiny USA for all the great looks featured on today's show! There is a special Prom Fashion Show on March 5th from 2-4pm so be sure to visit their website for more details and information on the special guest.

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