The building blocks of your personal brand.

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It’s time for more of my Style I.R.L. Guide! January’s focus is creating your personal brand. Last week we talked about how much better your life can be when you know your personal style. Together we created your inspiration board. It’s step one in determining your personal brand and it’s a step I do with all my clients. This week we are going even deeper and figuring out how to implement your personal preferences into your wardrobe. So if you missed last week’s blog post or you haven’t had a chance to create your inspiration board yet, GO BACK NOW and build your board. It’s easy, fun and really gives you insight into what you like, who you admire and what your taste is.

Once you’ve got your inspiration board, whether it’s a collage you can hang in your closet or a virtual board on Pinterest, it’s time to go deeper. We want to use this visual expression of your taste to determine your personal style. 

Is there a lot of one color expressed on your board? THEN CONSIDER ADDING MORE OF THIS COLOR TO YOUR WARDROBE.

Do most of your pictures reflect a more casual style or many most are of classic, preppy looks? IF IT WORKS WITH YOUR LIFESTYLE, PUT MORE OUTFITS TOGETHER IN THIS STYLE.

Maybe you wear mostly skirts to work but have a lot of pictures of outfits with pants and trousers? THINK ABOUT WHY YOU DON’T HAVE MORE PANTS IN YOUR CLOSET. THEN TRY TO CREATE A PANT LOOK THAT YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE IN.

Don’t forget hair and makeup. WAIT, DID YOU FORGET HAIR AND MAKEUP? That’s an important part of your personal brand, even if you prefer a natural looking face. Don’t really wear makeup or not sure where to start? I got you. For more on my every day easy makeup look, check out this week’s facebook video. I’m sharing my favorite products to do a polished but natural makeup look. WATCH HERE

This week I want you to look at your inspiration board and make a list of words that describes the styles you see there. For me, words that describe my board are classic, pulled together, crisp, tailored, neutral, stylish, balanced, natural, and polished. What are yours? These are the building blocks of your personal brand.

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