Avoid the style pitfalls of aging

Today on Bridge Street, co-hosts Sistina Giordano, Tensesha Murphy and I talked about a topic that affects everyone:  avoiding the style pitfalls of aging. But I wasn’t giving tips on how to look younger or “ageless”. I truly do believe we should embrace our age, and that means our style needs to keep evolving. However, as we do we sometimes make a few mistakes that can age us or keep us from looking our best because we worry about being “age appropriate”. Whether you are 25 or 65, a guy or a girl, you want to check out today’s show by CLICKING HERE.

FIT IS EVERYTHING! If you take anything away from today I want it to be this. As we age, we tend to try to cover up more, wearing clothes that are too big, boxy or shapeless, and this can actually make us appear heavier. Fear of being frumpy is a real thing and wearing our clothes oversized is a sure way to do it. 

AVOID AN ILL FITTING BRA Ladies, I’ve mentioned this many times before, and I will say it again: a properly fitted bra will make your clothes fit better, you will stand taller and you will look better. It’s just a fact.

DON’T HIDE YOUR NECK Seems counterintuitive but covering up your neck with a turtleneck or bulky scarf can add pounds and sometimes be aging depending on your body type. Try wearing a v-neck top, a collared shirt or long necklace, which will draw attention away from your neck. 

WEARING ALL BLACK CAN BE HARSH It’s actually more flattering to wear a pop of color around your face, and try earth tones if you want to keep your look neutral.



REMEMBER, style is an understanding of not only who you are but also the kind of image you want to project.

Missed today's show? No worries- watch it HERE. Thanks to our friends at The Changing Room on Warren Street in Downtown Syracuse for all the great styles shown on today’s show. Photos above from Instagram @WbyWorth and @WorthNewYork. What did you think of today’s show? Share with me in the comments below. Sign up for my newsletter to become part of my style community and receive more tips like these.