Breaking all the fashion rules!

The summer is over. I’m sorry. It’s true. It’s Labor Day weekend, the official end of summer. Put away those strappy sandals, darken up your sun kissed locks and definitely stop wearing white pants. 

NOT! DON’T YOU DARE DO THAT. What you should put away are those silly rules! This is 2017 and the only rule in fashion is to be true to your own style. 

OK, maybe that’s not exactly true, but those old fashioned rules don’t really apply anymore. I’d consider them more like guidelines. If you want to play it safe, or it’s just notyour style, then by all means, stick to the “rules”. That’s cool too. But the older I get the more I become a fashion rule breaker, a FASHION REBEL if you will.

My clients hear me say it all the time: the trick is to pay attention to the details. And it’s the same for getting away with breaking these rules. After a long search this spring, I finally found the most awesome pair of distressed cropped white denim jeans and I am just not ready to part with them for the season. Here’s how I will mix them up for fall:

Layer a heavy cable knit cardigan over the top. (Detail: make it hits me below the hip.)

Pair them with cropped boots in suede. (Detail: about an inch of skin between the top of the bootie and the hem of the pants.)

Denim button down top and cute mens-style loafers. (Detail: pick a bright color shoe, like red!)

Tone on tone and mix up the textures! (Detail: white, off-white, peach and taupe- mix up different shades on top of each other for a monochrome look with some edge.)

Check out this article with 19 reasons why you really shouldn't wear white after Labor Day and see if you agree. Will I see you rocking out your white pants this fall? Yes, you CAN pull it off! Try it, girl. You got this. Want more tips on how to wear white? Subscribe to my newsletter here. Want me to show you how? Book a Wardrobe Evaluation service with me here

*Photos above from Liverpool Denim Instagram & The Small Town Stylist. 


Let's Keep It Real This Summer

On Wednesday June 28th I was on Bridge Street on Channel 9 talking swimwear trends for 2017 with Tenesha Murphy. Our topic: the latest SWIMWEAR TRENDS FOR 2017 and how to realistically wear them if youare over 30 and not a model! Am I right? 

A one piece suit has been gaining popularity slowly over the past few years and at this point it is no longer a trend but is here to stay! The trick: making it look modern and not frumpy. The fact is that the more material and coverage you have, the bigger you look. Sorry to say. So how do you create the illusion of showing more skin but still get the coverage you want in all the right places. 

  • CUT OUT ONE PIECES- side cut outs make it modern.
  • OFF THE SHOULDER OR ONE SHOULDER- showing a little more skin, especially the shoulders, makes it sexy.
  • LACE UP DETAILS- whether in the back, sides or a low cut neckline, lace up has the illusion of showing skin but also having some coverage.
  • MINI-TEE- coverage for your arms in swimsuit but modern and fresh.

Still not on board with a one piece? That’s cool. You can still get support in a two piece:

  • SHELF BRA/BRALETTE TOP- kinda like a sports bra, it give you support and comfort but it’s on trend.
  • HIGH WAISTED BIKINI- got a little extra skin because you had a baby? No worries, give the high waisted bikini a try. But beware: this look can add material to an area you want to minimize, so it may not work on every body.

If you are like me and you’ve got your go-to suit already or you prefer to be more covered up, then incorporate the trends into your coverup! Crochet is big right now, or how about a cute one piece shortall/romper instead of your traditional cover up? 

Thanks to our friends at Lord & Taylor for all the great styles featured on the show, and they have an awesome swim sale going on right now. Missed the show? CLICK HERE to watch. What swim trend will you be rocking this summer? Tell me in the comments below.

Spring Cleaning (a bit late)


TSTS_Jackie-3651I like to plan and organize my wardrobe to make the most of what I’ve got and determine what I’m going to need. This year I’m getting to my Spring Cleaning a bit late- but better late than never! The easiest way is to do it in steps so you don’t get bogged down. Here’s my checklist of what I do and I hope it inspires you to get your wardrobe organized. Or you can always contact me and I’ll come do it for you!  

First I create an inspiration board. It’s made up of photos, magazine articles, key words, color swatches- anything that I’ve collected that is going to inspire my new season’s style. Think of it like a visual reminder of your taste and style.


IMG_5049Then I like to make a Style List- literally a list of what my style is going to be. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s a great reference for shopping. It’s also very fun to look back and see who your style has evolved (or not).


TSTS_Jackie-3701Once I know what my “looks” are going to be for the season, I can assess what I’ve got in my closet. I toss anything that is worn beyond repair. Anything out of season that’s in good shape, I pack it away. I jot down the items that are missing from my closet from my “Style List”. That’s my shopping list.


IMG_4697Next step- shopping!! The nice thing about doing this assessment every season is that now my closet is full of staples and wearable items and shopping is a way to add a few new on-trend items every few months. When I shop, I always keep in mind my “Style List” and I check the store’s return policy. Rarely do I find a pair of pants that are the correct length so it’s great that I can hem my own, but for more extensive tailoring like a jacket or dress I have a great tailor. That extra nip/tuck makes all the difference.

Maintenance is the key. I run through this at least twice a year.

Give it a try and let me know how your spring wardrobe planning goes. Comment below or post on my Facebook page to let me know how it’s going. And if you get stuck you can always schedule an appointment with me so I can walk you through the process in person. Book online or email me at today.