Sweat to Street Style


We are all very busy and it’s hard to get in all we have to do plus a workout. So, how do we get to each activity quickly, functionally and still stay stylish? This is a question I get ALOT so today on Bridge Street I shared some tips with Sistina Giordano.Version 2 I start with staple base layers.

In summer, it’s a tank top over a sports bra, capri leggings or a cute skort.

Then I add or subtract items:

On a cool day I’ll add a jacket, like my favorites in denim or fatigue.

A long tunic top over leggings is good for CYA!

I’ll switch out a sweaty tee for a fresh one sometimes.

IMG_9375Accessories are great, like adding a colorful lightweight scarf, which can also double as a shawl if I’m out at night and it gets chilly.

I’ve been back into baseball caps lately.

I’ve seen women cinch a belt over a large button down shirt and look adorable & classic.

Of course, I love my large sunglasses!

I never forget to switch out my athletic sneakers for sandals or my converse sneaks. I don’t really like to wear sneakers at all as a general rule, except to the workout in and except for my Cons & Keds.

Version 2On the show I featured several great looks from Lululemon in Armory Square. The ladies there know their stuff so be sure to ask them to help you coordinate a look if you go in. They are a great resource and have many great options for layering. But remember that you probably own several items already that you can use to transition your look so be sure to “shop” your closet too!

IMG_9369Be prepared. I keep a bag packed with some essentials that I throw into my gym bag:

Fresh bra rolled and tucked in the bottom.

Cetaphil gentle cleansing cloths

Hat/Brush/Hair ties

Cream blush, lip gloss & waterproof mascara

Snack & water- because I just spent time and effort to workout  and I don’t want to ruin it by being starved and making poor choices.

Here are some examples of how I transition my look:

IMG_9346For my workout I wore a tank top over sports bra, capri leggings and my athletic sneakers.

IMG_9336After I added a denim jacket, sunglasses, combed my hair into a neat ponytail, switched out sneakers for gold Birkenstocks and added a camel colored shoulder bag.

IMG_9343Here’s my friend Jessica working out in layered tank tops with leggings and her hair up with a headband.

IMG_9349Later she changed her sweaty workout shirt for a fresh tank top, switched sneakers for sandals, added a colorful printed scarf and pulled her hair half up half down.


If you missed the episode, click here to see it. What are your favorite items to help you transition your look from sweaty to street? Leave me a comment below or post on my Facebook page. Also, check out my board on Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration!