Style The Bump: Maternity Fashion


Dressing for your pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to stick to the “maternity” section. Shop for for pieces that will work during pregnancy but also once the baby comes. On today’s Bridge Street on WSYR Channel 9, co-host Sistina Giordano and I talked about how to style the bump- and beyond!IMG_9686 Shop maternity specialty stores for staples such as leggings, denim, tanks and tees. There are great shops locally and online such as Pea in Pod, Motherhood, Gap Maternity, H&M Maternity, and Target, but did you know that you can get these same brands at Clothes Mentor for a fraction of the regular cost? With two locations in Dewitt & Clay, they RESELL gently used items, so you will find pieces in great shape by brands you know for much less money. This is important since you will only use these items for a few months.IMG_9652

But you don’t have to be limited to the maternity section- there are plenty of great options out there that will work during pregnancy as well as after, stretching not only your wardrobe but your budget. Sistina and I did a little “shopping” last week and came back with some great ideas from our friends at The Changing Room. With two locations in our area, Downtown and Baldwinsville, be sure to stop in and check out the unique and special inventory.IMG_9690

Here are some things to look for when choosing non-maternity items to dress your bump:

  • Jackets and sweaters over basic tanks and tees with denim or leggings is a great way to put a look together. Pull out some of your favorites: that old school jean jacket or the fatigue jacket you got in the spring is still a stylish option!
  • Find items with extra stretch and length, to cover your growing belly but look stylish.
  • Choose pieces that you can layer over each other, to give you multiple outfit options with less pieces. On the show today we showed a great way to turn two pieces we found at The Changing Room into three outfit options easily and get the most bang for your buck too.
  • There are a lot of swingy tops out there- lots of room underneath for a growing bump without the frumpy maternity look.
  • Flowing dresses are in style for summer- in lots of options like floral and denim. Cinch with a belt for added definition when you want to show off the bump.

Remember that once the baby comes you won’t be immediately back into your regular clothes so choose pieces you like enough to continue to wear after. This will also save you money because you wont’ have to buy “in between” items. Missed the show today? Click here to watch it and catch up on the tips you may have missed.IMG_9674

Get inspired by maternity bloggers on Pinterest and Instagram such as @Preggonista & a personal favorite, @InHonorOfDesign on Instagram and the website Follow me on Pinterest and my board Style the Bump for my choices for maternity style inspiration!

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My maternity stapes in August 2008 was a tank top and stretchy skirt with folder waist. Comfy and easily dressed up with accessories.