Seasons Change


IMG_0682This is my favorite time of year! I’m sick of my summer wardrobe and I’m ready for some changes! I love getting out my cozy sweaters, jeans and boots and adding a few new pieces. The winter is LONG in my northeastern small town so my cold weather wardrobe will be continuing to evolve over the next six months.

bb_prod_E65Y_290x315_0With the cooler temps on the way, I have to make other changes besides just adding layers- my beauty routine needs adjusting too. My skin tends to get very dry so I add an extra thick moisturizer for my face and definitely around my eyes. I like Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream- I’ve tried many different kinds and this is my favorite by far.

11064914_982551525137732_832664644532360759_nWhen I find a product I like, I am VERY loyal. It’s the same with my hairdresser- Cheryl Dement, owner of Encore Salon and Day Spa, has been my stylist for 15 years and I don’t trust anyone else with my hair. I usually like to change up my hairstyle often but I’d been growing it long for the past year. After wearing it in a ponytail all summer I realized it was time for a change so Cheryl chopped off several inches last week. I love it!

IMG_0697What are some changes you are going to make this fall? Do you have any favorite products you love and are loyal to? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below, on my Facebook page, on Twitter, or by email at