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Whether you have hired a professional photographer or you are going to a portrait center, you want to get the perfect family photo to hang on your wall for years to come, but so much goes into getting that great picture. Choosing the right outfits can be one of the most overwhelming parts of taking family portraits, but it doesn’t need to be. Today on Bridge Street I shared myprofessional tips with Sistina Giordano and Tenesha Murphy for styling family photos that you’ll cherish forever.Throughout the segment we featured photos from photographer Ana Gil-Taylor, of Ana Gil-Taylor Photography. I often work with Ana and we collaborate on how to make the client’s photos beautiful and visually express what the family is like and who they are.

When consulting with a client before the shoot, Ana asks them three questions:

What is your favorite season?

Where are you displaying your photos?

What are your favorite colors?

Once she has that information, she makes her recommendation for location and color palette. The client can then use that information to pick out outfits for the family, or you can hire a professional stylist, like me, to do it for you. I work directly with the client and Ana to create a “look” that works with all the elements of the photoshoot. It takes the pressure off the client as it can often be overwhelming to coordinate for yourself, your spouse and your children. A professional stylist can also be on location with you and coordinate wardrobe changes, fixing everything in between shots to make sure things are buttoned, socks aren’t falling down, necklaces aren’t backwards, etc.

Here are some tips from Ana and me on how YOU can style a beautiful photo:

  1. Coordinate but not matchy-matchy
  2. Choose layers for kids and moms
  3. Change out accessories and use props
  4. Start with the mom’s outfit, then the kids, then the husband
  5. Choose comfort
  6. Make kids part of choosing theoutfit
  7. Bring a change of clothes, or a few
  8. Be yourself & have fun

Grandparents want that traditional “perfect portrait” but Ana says most of clients end up choosing the fun images she gets of the family in between shots, the candids. So have fun with it!

All photos are courtesy of Ana Gil-Taylor Photography. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Book your family portrait session today at anagiltaylor.com and tell her The Small Town Stylist sent you. The holidays are only a few short months away and you want that perfect photo for your cards. Missed the show? Just click here to watch it.

Who is your favorite family photographer? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below or send me an email at thesmalltownstylist@gmail.com.

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ana gil-taylor_Chen-8588E_BS-X3
ana gil-taylor_Chen-8787_BS-X3
ana gil-taylor_Chen-8734E_BS-X3

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