Our November Small Town Style Star

THE SMALL TOWN STYLE STAR IS A MONTHLY FEATURE SHOWCASING A STYLISH, SUCCESSFUL WOMAN FROM CENTRAL NEW YORK. SHE SHARES HER FAVORITE STYLE & BEAUTY TIPS & TRICKS WITH YOU. YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING A NEW STYLE STAR EACH MONTH FOR INSPIRATION, ADVICE AND INSIGHT INTO HER PERSONAL STYLE. The first ever Small Town Style Star is my friend Sistina Giordano. She is the co-host of  Bridge Street, proud news lover & journalist, and Canadian born mom of two. Sistina is of course beautiful, stylish and charismatic, as well a loving mother.  But it’s also her sharp intellect, professionalism and ambition that makes her a role model to others and an inspiration to her friends and viewers. So how does she look so good when she’s working so hard? Sistina gives us an inside look at her style secrets.

img_8166Describe your style in three words. Classic, timeless, preppy.

What is your “Go To” outfit? My J.Crew Minnie pants and a comfortable button-up shirt and of course a jacket to compliment the season.

Who are your style icons? A woman who’s style I’ve always admired was Jackie O. She was timeless and you could wear any of her outfits today and people wouldn’t even miss a beat and I love that. I’m also a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn. She had such a lovely natural beauty and exuded such grace in her looks. Another favorite, The Duchess – Kate. I mean everything from her wedding dress to her formidable maternity fashion – she knows how to make anything look good. And I love that she wears outfits again and again.

Where are your favorite stores to shop? My all time favorite is J.CREW! As mentioned earlier, I love everything about the store, the feel, the look and the quality. I also love that I can shop dressy, casual, or work related all in one place. I also love Anthropologie. They have a creative style and edge that I don’t often find and they make some of the best outdoor jackets and coats I’ve ever owned. Lord & Taylor is also a favorite hot spot for me. They carry some of my favorite dresses including the Cynthia Steffe brand --- CeCe. Not only is it personal for me because that’s my nickname, but I just love the feminine look of her dresses. The high collars and frills make me feel like a lady and I love that.

What do you admire most in other women? I admire a woman’s confidence the most. My husband has always told me that it’s not the outfit that makes the woman but the woman who makes the outfit, and I as I grow older I wholeheartedly believe that. Confidence in a woman is such an attractive quality. A woman with drive and determination is also something I admire and respect so much. But most importantly I love a woman that prides herself in who SHE is.

What are your top 3 wardrobe staples? Any coat or jacket – I have more than I should and it’s probably because I’m from Canada and we have a need for so many. I don’t think a season goes by without a new coat …lol! A simple black dress – one that I can take from work to dinner to a night out on the town – I just think the little black dress never gets old. A pop of color – be it a favorite sweater or dress or maybe even a scarf. Something that gives you that edge.

What’s your #1 style tip? My number one style tip is to wear what works for you. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said they love a dress and ask where I get it, only to discover that I bought it at the gap for $20. Those are my favorite purchases – the one’s that are affordable and yet look good no matter what. If you can make someone love you in a discount deal then I think you’ve done your job in dressing the part of who YOU are. Another tip, and I believe this wholeheartedly is to always dress to impress. I sometimes find myself over dressed and people give me a hard time over the many dresses I wear. (I don’t wear pants very often, especially on the air), but I like to feel good and if a dress and heels gives me that, then that’s what I wear. So I would say to anyone if you don’t feel good, then make yourself look good. It’s the best little quick fix to any problem big or small.

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Thank you to the first ever Small Town Style Star, Sistina Giordano. You can watch Sistina weekdays at 10am on Bridge Street TV. You can also follow her on social media on Instagram at @sistinanc9  and on Facebook.

Know a stylish and inspiring woman in CNY you think should be the next Small Town Style Star? Send me an email at thesmalltownstylist@gmail.com and tell me all about her.