Glossies of the Future


Sadly glossy fashion magazines are going by the wayside. Tablets, smartphones, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, apps- there are hundreds of new ways to get your fashion fix at your fingertips! I’ve put together a list of my recent favorite blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow. Bloggers I Love Christine Bibbo Herr is a stylist, spokesperson, and self proclaimed “fitness fanatic” in New York City. Besides her long list of fashion credentials, she also happens to be my elementary school BFF and a great source of inspiration and encouragement for The Small Town Stylist. Even back then our tastes were unique. I’m more classic and preppy while Christine is eclectic and girly! I love her use of bold colors, sparkle and prints, and she’s alway mixing in a bit of 80’s nostalgia in a cool and modern way. Whether she’s doing yoga, surfing the waves, or hosting an event in NYC, she is always uniquely styled and inspiring to me! I first started following makeup artist, Cara, on Pinterest. I don’t think I wear a lot of makeup, but I still am a bit of a makeup junkie (especially anything from Bobbi Brown). Cara does some amazing things with makeup and shading- she’s a true artist. I love her Makeover Mondays. And she gives links to the items she uses so I get introduced to new products I might not find locally. Follow her on Pinterest too. I’m a big fan of Caroline. She’s been mentioned on this blog before. Every three months she created a capsule wardrobe — a mini wardrobe of 37 (her magic number) versatile pieces that she loves. Then she blogs about the outfits — real, everyday, unfancy outfits — using only clothes from her current capsule wardrobe. And along the way she shares how she makes minimalism work for her closet. She just moved and is taking a break from blogging. In the meantime, I’m catching up on her old posts and trying to get closer to her minimalistic approach. But what I like best about the blog is it’s what works best for her- she’s not trying to convert anyone. Come back soon, Caroline. Street style, fashion trends, celebrities. Just a generally good place to get some fashion inspiration and stay on top of the trends and industry news. The site is neat- not cluttered by tons of ads and pop ups-and I really like the Facebook page too. Another great site to get fashion news snippets, see some pics to get outfit ideas, and some celebrity and entertainment news too. You can shop what you see too, which can be fun- and dangerous! Also good to follow on Facebook.


Instagrammers I Love

IMG_8587@mrsbymrs Years ago I had the pleasure of working with Molly on a shoot for Bloomingdales. She was fun to work with then, and fun to follow on Instagram now. Besides her beautiful work as a makeup artist, back then she was creating unique handmade t-shirts and tops- now she’s got her own lifestyle website,, where she sells her apparel and offers beauty advice. She’s even got celebrity clients like Reese Witherspoon. Seeing how’s she’s built her brand over the years, all while raising a family, is inspiring to me.

IMG_8589@annietaylordesigns Go to Annie’s Instagram account and look at all her images as a grid. It’s like a work of art in itself. The colors, the fonts- all  meticulously chosen by Annie. Talented graphic designer and a friend, she creates beautiful and unique stationary and invitations. But you can see from her Instagram that it’s not just her invitations that are so lovely- she loves to surround herself with beauty, from her home to her children to her wardrobe. I can’t wait to see what fun projects this mom and business woman takes on next!

IMG_8590@nycpretty My favorite posts are on Workout Wednesdays- talk about inspiration!

@eatdrinkmalt I get hungrier with every new post!

@sky_armory Makes me want to throw a big themed party every weekend!

@garbage I like to cyber stalk and see what Shirley Manson is up to.

Who are your favorite bloggers and Instagrammers? Share by commenting below or sending me an email at