Get inspired by your style icons!

For the Style I.R.L. Guide, our focus for January is creating your personal brand. Last week we created your inspiration board. It’s the first step I do with all my clients. Once you’ve got your inspiration board, whether it’s a collage you can hang in your closet or a virtual board on Pinterest, it’s time to go deeper. We want to use this visual expression of your taste to determine your personal style. 

If you are like me, your board probably includes several public figures and celebrities whose style you admire. I’ve been posting my style icons on Instagram all week. Some of my favorites include Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, Jackie O, Tory Burch and my list actually keeps going on. Let’s dive deeper into the celebrity style and I’m going to use myself as an example. I’ve been an admirer of Jennifer Aniston since the 90’s. Jen’s is a good example of a woman who has a strong personal style, and although it has evolved over the years, she’s always got an easy, bohemian beach style. For award shows she will dress it up. At the airport she always goes for relaxed layers and jeans. Her makeup is generally fresh and natural. She rarely strays from her brand, which says to the world that she is naturally beautiful and doesn’t try too hard. Guess what? Jen has a stylist. Jen tries. Jen wears makeup. This “easy” look doesn’t come easy, but it also doesn’t have to be hard. Jen sticks to styles that fit her personal brand and that makes getting dressed uncomplicated. She is able to dress it up or down depending on her needs. So I like to incorporate those things into my personal style too. For me, I mix and match comfy, distressed denim with blazers and loafers. And I’m totally on board with her natural makeup look, including dewy skin and a nude lip. For more on my every day easy makeup look, check out this week’s facebook video. I’m sharing my favorite products to do a polished but natural makeup look. WATCH HERE

Take a look at the style icons you put on your inspiration board. What do you admire about them and how can you incorporate those traits into your own wardrobe? 

If  you missed last week’s blog post or you haven’t had a chance to create your inspiration board GO BACK NOW and build your board. It’s easy, fun and really gives you insight into what you like, who you admire and what your taste is. Don't miss any of my Style I.R.L. Guide by signing up for my weekly newsletter and become a part of my style community.