Gallery Opening leads to NYC Nostalgia


Jen&JackieI began my career in fashion in NYC. While working in magazine publishing and advertising straight out of college, I actively pursued a job- any job- in the world of fashion, sending letters and emails to anyone in the field. I was thrilled to receive a call from Jennifer Elster, a conceptual stylist with a studio in Battery Park. Jen was working with amazing clients like David Bowie and she hired me to assist her. We worked on photo shoots & music videos, shopped the coolest boutiques, and borrowed amazing pieces from top designers. We dressed a Grammy nominated musician for her tour, a Saturday Night Live appearance and even the actually Grammy Awards Show. It was hard work and I often crashed on an air mattress in her studio.


I learned so much from Jen in my short time working for her. Of course I learned about being a stylist for our clients like Bloomingdales and Bacardi. She is a savvy businesswoman and a creative thinker- two things that often are mutually exclusive. Most of all she is a caring woman who supported me when I made mistakes and encouraged me to be honest and thoughtful in all my duties. Many times in the years since we worked together I’ve applied those lessons to my life and found success. IMG_8561

So I was so excited to receive her invitation to come down for the private opening night of her exhibition, “The Retrospective of an Extroverted Recluse.” Of course I’ll take any excuse to visit NYC, but this one felt extra nostalgic and special.


I love: The view as I drive across the George Washington Bridge which I have done hundreds of times. The sounds of horns honking and the bustle of the people on the streets. Eating at an outdoor cafe and people watching which usually includes at least one celebrity sighting. Riding the subway and thinking back upon my many trips underground getting off at the World Trade Center to walk over to Battery Park. Shopping. Eating. Walking. The amazing energy which is different, but the same, with every visit I make.



Jen’s pop up gallery was in Tribeca, so we could see the new Trade Center as we came out onto the street. Despite being a half hour late, we were some of the first to arrive, but the large room with exposed brick walls and high ceilings quickly filled with guests like ourselves, eager to see what was in store. After working with Jen, I knew this wasn’t going to be your typical boring gallery opening. I knew it would be something special. And I was not disappointed.



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