February's Small Town Style Star Is Here

THE SMALL TOWN STYLE STAR FEATURES A STYLISH, SUCCESSFUL WOMAN FROM CENTRAL NEW YORK. SHE SHARES HER FAVORITE STYLE & BEAUTY TIPS & TRICKS WITH YOU. YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING A NEW STYLE STAR EACH MONTH FOR INSPIRATION, ADVICE AND INSIGHT INTO HER PERSONAL STYLE. A few years ago a friend talked me into trying a new workout with her at our local mall. This is where I met Mona Smart. My first impression was, “Damn, this woman looks amazing even in her workout gear.” She’s just got that something special that makes you take a second look. Whether we run into each other dropping the kids at school, cheering on our little athletes at football, or attending a mutual friend’s party, she always looks pulled together and effortlessly chic. Which is incredible because besides being the CEO of her family, she also runs a successful Rodan + Fields business from her home, and works to make a difference in our community by supporting organizations such as the Children’s Hearing Aid Program through Aurora of CNY. How does she do it? It helps that she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and that alone is enough to make her the February Small Town Style Star. But read on as Mona shares her beauty and style secrets.

Describe your style in three words. Contemporary and Comfortable. That’s only 2 and sound like a contradiction but I can’t wear anything I’m not 100% comfortable in.  I used to buy things because I liked it instead of how it felt on and would regret it after the first time I wore it.  Fidget all day long!   From Gowns to workout clothes that rule always applies to my clothing.

What is your “Go To” outfit? For Summer its typically a cotton dress, maxi or knee length..can be fitted or loose.  Fall/Winter definitely jeans and a blouse or fun sweater with boots.  Spring I love how ballet flats look with cropped jeans or pants.  I always lean towards clean lines no matter the season.  I would rather wear a crazy print than ruffles any day!

Who are your style icons? Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani.  Love Jessica’s classic with a flare style and Gwen’s envelope pushing outfits.

Where are your favorite stores to shop? Jet Black, Anthropologie and Nordstrom.

What do you admire most in other women? Confidence and Kindness. You can wear a trash bag and if you have those two you will look good in my eyes!

What are your top 3 wardrobe staples? A great warm winter coat-we live in Syracuse, this is a must! My favorites are Mackage and Dawn Levy.  Jeans that every time you put them on you love them (skinny and boot).  Jeans were always a tough shopping trip for me but I have found that Citizen of Humanity, J brand and J.Crew work best for my body type.  Blouses in all colors and prints!

What’s your #1 style tip? Know what looks good on your body, I don’t care what size you are everyone has areas we like to highlight or well not highlight.  This took me a while to figure out but start with picking out your favorite items in your closet and figure out WHY they are your favorite and/or ask a trusted friend or sibling to help.  DO NOT ask your spouse or partner!

Thank you to my February Small Town Style Star, Mona Smart. If you are interested in learning more about Rodan + Fields skin care, be sure to check out Mona’s website at https://monas.mryandf.biz.

Know a stylish and inspiring woman in CNY you think should be the next Small Town Style Star? Send me an email at thesmalltownstylist@gmail.com and tell me all about her.