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What if you had your own personal stylist and you could ask her anything? Followers of The Small Town Stylist and Bridge Street viewers had that chance today on Bridge Street! I shared my answers to the questions YOU submitted with host Sistina Giordano. Here are just a few: Version 2

I am headed to NYC for the weekend with my bestie from high school. We plan on eating out, dancing and walking a lot! What can I wear that is stylish enough for the city and comfortable to walk in?

I spent last weekend in Boston- a stylish city that is perfect to explore on foot! It’s a great thing that commuter-chic & athletic footwear are on trend. Last summer, our feet got a break since Birkenstocks came back into fashion. And the New York spring 2015 runways continued to show comfortable designs. Today on the show I featured some cute and comfy kicks from my friends at Lord and Taylor- slip on sneaks by Keds, Classic Converse in a neutral color, and sporty gladiator flats by Steve Madden (I saw these on quite a few stylish feet on the street in Boston). Pair these with a tank top and midi-skirt, or a white button up shirt half tucked into a pair of jean cutoffs. When you go out dancing, layer on some gold necklaces and switch out the flats for a pair of super sexy, strappy gladiator hi-heeled sandals in a neutral color (I featured hot ones by Vince Camuto, also found at Lord and Taylor, see the pic below with link).




In the summer my office is freezing from the air conditioning, but outside it’s sweltering. How do I go from hot to cold and still look pulled together?

I get it. You’ve got a cute summer outfit on and you don’t want to cover it up with the same granny sweater you keep behind your door at the office. You want to have a few lightweight jackets, tops and sweaters in your wardrobe for these situations. They also come in handy for breezy summer nights when the sun goes down and it gets cool. School boy blazers, a lightweight swingy denim jacket (the one from today’s show was Free People from Lord and Taylor), or a military style short jacket are all on trend. They also can help you dress up or dress down your look depending on what your office requires. Another idea is an oversized button down shirt can be used as a jacket. Who says your pieces can’t multitask? If all else fails, get a space heater!




How much would you charge to rifle through my closet and tell me what to keep, what to chuck and what to pair!?!

Hiring a professional personal stylist is making an investment in yourself and your wardrobe. Most charge by the hour or by the service. In a city like New York you are looking at around $300 an hour or more. Locally it’s considerably less but the money you invest in a stylist’s services one time could save you hundreds of dollars and hours of stress and unhappiness in the long run. Did you know the average woman only wears 20% of the clothes in her closet? A professional objective stylist will help you get closer to 100%! The best way is to reach out and discuss what your needs are. We can work together to decide out what you need to get organized, figure out your own personal style and get you looking- and most importantly feeling- great! You can find my menu of services here Email me at for pricing.



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