Fashion Hacks


Let’s face it- fashion emergencies happen to everyone- don’t freak out! bridgestreet5.14.15SQUAREToday on Bridge Street, I gave co-host Sistina Giordano a few clever solutions to tricky problems. It’s a great idea to carry an emergency kit in your purse or car,  like the one I featured from Pinch Provisions available through J. Crew. But here are some easy substitutes and hacks to help you get through.

You are at a special event when your earring falls out and you lose the back. A pencil eraser will help hold your earring in place.

Double sided tape is great for many things- I keep it in my car for emergencies. In a pinch, it fixes falling hemlines, removes lint, and it keeps a low cut neckline in place.  And if you also ever find yourself wearing a pair of shoes that are a little too big, just put a few pieces of these at the soles of your feet to prevent slipping and sliding.

Speaking of uncomfortable shoes, are blisters a problem? Try applying deodorant--to your feet. Apply a gel formula to areas where shoe straps dig in to prevent friction and create an extra layer of protection for your feet.

tricksHas this ever happened to you? You are getting dressed for a night out and when you pull your shirt over your head you get deodorant stains on it? Or makeup? No problem. Baby wipes are great! Even though my kids have been out of diapers for years, I still keep them in my house and in my car. Also dryer sheets remove stains in a pinch, and they are also good to kill clothing static cling or staticy hair.

Another way to get rid of static cling- spray some hairspray.

Super glue is great! Put a dot of super glue on a loose bead or sequin that you don’t have time to sew back on.

Need to iron a shirt cuff or collar in a pinch- use your hair straightening iron!

Scuffed your black heels or shoe soles? Use a Sharpie to fill it in. This also works if you’ve chipped a dark manicure.

runintightsHere’s one my mom taught me: clear nail polish keeps a run in your tights from getting worse.

This is one I had never heard of but think is great: In a pinch, the edge of a matchbook can double as a nail file.

If you're out and about when you realize that you forgot the all-too-important deodorant step, freshen up by wiping down your underarms with a damp towelette, then patting some hand sanitizer in the area. Since the gel's antibacterial, it'll help kill any bacteria that may linger.

Missed the show but don't want to miss any of your hacks? Click here to watch the segment. What are your best fashion hacks and emergency tips? Share them with me in the comment below, on Facebook or by email.