Fall Trends on Bridge Street


IMG_0593There’s a crispness in the air and soon it will be time to change over to your winter wardrobe. Can I just say, I’m not ready yet! Today I talked fall fashion trends with Kelly Springer and Jennifer Sanders who were guest hosting on Bridge Street while our friend Sistina is on maternity leave. Both Kelly & Jennifer have great personal style and a keen sense of fashion, so we had a blast.* This is a great time to get organized: donate anything out of style, throw away anything that is damaged or doesn’t fit, and store anything that is out of season.

Here are some of the trends for fall. You may find these already in your closet as styles can be cyclical and last for several seasons. If you want to add some new fresh items to your closet, I showed some great examples from our friends at Bounce in Armory Square. Be sure to take advantage of the style expertise of the sales staff there- they can help you put together a killer outfit.

IMG_0585Denim continues to be hot, but think flare legs & wide legs with medium to high waist. Skinnies are still around and continue to be a good casual staple, but a more structured jean or something with a 70s vibe are hot right now.

Decade dressing can be very fun!

60s style- Think mod dresses

70s style- Garments inspired by this decade include the bohemian look, bell bottoms, vests and floppy hats

90s style- My personal favorite decade. I love the grunge inspired floral baby dolls with jackets and flannel shirts. I already have a pair of Doc Martens boots ready to go.

Speaking of 70s, we are seeing lots of capes and ponchos- I like these as a focal point in a print, and then keep the rest of the outfit one color.

Consider a vest- long or short- to create a new look and keep you warm.

As the temperatures drop we will need to think about outerwear. How about a parka with fur or shearling? I also like a statement jacket in a print or bold color.

IMG_0592Accessories are key and today on the show I featured some beautiful ones from Paul Karaz Shoes in Fayetteville. Paige and Paul Karaz are hands on at their stylish boutique and will help you find the perfect on-trend accessory.

This season I like a shoulder bag and saddlebag style, like the classic one I showed today in black from Longchamps, or choose something in a color or metallic.

Mens inspired footwear is hot, like the patent leather wingtips featured on the show by Gabor.

You can’t miss with ankle boots worn with skirts & dresses- there are so many out there to choose from. I like the bootie by Aquatalia because they are waterproof with a rubber sole. Pick up a pair at Paul Karaz Shoes before the winter weather gets here!

IMG_0574What trends are you going to be embracing this fall? Which ones do you wish would go away? I want to know! Leave a comment below or post your answer on my Facebook page.


*Unfortunately the new website for Bridge Street no longer allows me to create links to specific videos. It's an issue they are working on fixing. For now if you want to watch the segment, click through the link above to the main page for WSYR, go to Bridge Street and then scroll through the videos until you find the one named Fall Fashion Trends. Sorry for the inconvenience.