Beauty Basics Every Day


Photo Jan 01, 8 59 40 PM I consider myself to be a low to medium maintenance type woman.

Having said that, you will rarely see me outside my house without makeup, and it’s not because I am vain. It’s because I just feel better when I do. And I don’t mean all glammed up, because I rarely look like that. I mean, a little bit to look refreshed and pulled together. The trick to every day makeup is to look like your best natural self. Everyone’s bag of tricks is different depending on age, skin type and preference, but here is my must have list for every day beauty basics.

After washing my face with water and a washcloth, I apply a daily moisturizer with an SPF. I like CeraVe a.m. with SPF 30. If there is one thing you do every day, this is it! Using an SPF every day, even in winter, protects your skin from harmful sun that not only can cause cancer but also wrinkles. Next I apply my under eye cream- Bobbi Brown is my favorite. Once the moisturizers have had a few minutes to absorb into the skin, I dab on my light under eye concealer, and I love Bobbi Brown tinted eye brighter. The formula is light so it doesn’t fill up in your creases. Next is a little creamy blush on the apples of my cheeks- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge is my go to. Blend it in well so it looks natural. Mascara is next and this is a biggie. On work out days and in the summer when I know I am going to be sweaty, I always apply Bobbi Brown No Smudge mascara in black. Last but not least, dab on a little lip gloss. Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Buff is great for all skin tones and very natural if you just use a tiny bit. That little routine should take less than ten minutes and goes a long way to making you feel confident and pretty when you are crunched for time but want to feel your best.