Athleisure wear: Not a passing fad!


IMG_1233Athleisure is relatively new term which refers to clothes that fit a somewhat broad category of being appropriate for either athletic or leisure pursuits, or both. Athleisure is no longer a trend. People are embracing healthier lifestyles,  and want more functionality from their wardrobes. If you are trying to work fitness into an already overtaxed schedule, who wants to haul an extra outfit to work? IMG_1225It makes sense for designers to be coming up with new solutions. Today on Bridge Street on Channel 9, I shared some great tips and ideas with guest co-host Kelly Springer,  and I showed lots of great options from our friends at Lululemon Syracuse on how to go from spin class to the boardroom.

lululemonToAndFroFROM GYM WORKOUT: Basic leggings, or not so basic like the stirrup tights featured on today’s show from Lululemon, and workout tank top with sneakers

TO RUN ERRANDS: Switch out sneaks for tall boots. On top add a long sleep top and a cute puffer vest or jacket like the on I showed today from Lululemon.

FROM YOGA WORKOUT: Bootcut yoga pants and sports bra

TO MEET A FRIEND FOR LUNCH: A cozy cable-knit turtleneck sweater, cute athletic sneakers like Cons Chuck Taylors, and a cross body bag.

FROM TRAIL HIKE WORKOUT: Run tights in a color like navy or red, wicking tee and your trail shoes with extra deep treads

TO A CLIENT MEETING: Change out your tee for a long tunic top to CYA (cover your assets) and replace the sneakers and socks with ballet flats.

luluaustraliaJust remove your sneakers and put on a pair of cute boots, like biker boots with buckle decoration, or anything at the knee or above.

Throw a statement coat over the top, maybe in plaid or a bright color, and no one needs to know what you are wearing underneath.

Don’t forget that if your hair is messy from your workout, it’s a great time to add a warm hat like a beret or cap. It will keep you warm and add style.

Scarves will also add flair but will cover you up if your workout wear is too skimpy to wear out. Also adds warmth.

I keep a separate bag always packed that I grab before I head to the gym or for a hike. In it are essentials like face wipes, hair brush, deodorant, makeup, a hat, and other similar items.

A great source of inspiration is Lululemon’s Pinterest board called to & from.

IMG_1261I get so many people asking me for advice on this. If you missed the segment, watch it here. What are your style secrets that help you transition your outfits? I’d love to hear from you so email me at or post on my Facebook page.