I’m a big city girl at heart, but relocating to a small town didn’t mean I had to compromise my style. For several years I enjoyed working in NYC in marketing and then fashion. As the assistant to Jennifer Elster, a cutting edge stylist (as well as film writer, director, producer, performer and an executive at The Development Productions), I learned a lot about being creative, working with commercial clients and celebrities, and being true to my sense of style and my vison for my clients, which included Bacardi, Bloomingdales, Olympus, and the lead singer of the musical group Garbage. After relocating to a small town upstate, I utilized my commercial experience in the field of marketing and advertising, continuing to contribute creatively to projects as well as cultivate relationships with my customers. I’ve always enjoyed fashion- pouring through magazines & websites, designing and sewing my own clothes, and creatively combining high and low end into my daily fashion choices- keeping in mind that what works in a city like New York might be considered over the top in my small town. Over the years, big city fashion has become more available to small town women, but it still can be difficult to translate what we see in Vogue and on celebrities to what is appropriate for grocery shopping or a girls night out in a small town. That is where The Small Town Stylist comes in.  It’s my passion to offer insight, advice and guidance for navigating big city style in a small town.

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